Turkish cuisine with its traditional flavors became very popular in the world. It is now ranked with the world’s top cuisines such as French, Chinese and Italian and the like. Considering this, QT Food wishes to introduce the traditional tastes of Turkey under its brand around the world.

   It aims everybody to taste Turkish traditional flavors and to spread it first to Turkey and then to the whole world. QT Food aims to operate business in fields including distribution, retail and restaurants providing consumers with products such as food and daily consumer necessities. It makes a contribution to society by providing products and services that match the needs of consumers. QT Food gives priority to serve its customers with the best quality. It moves forward with the investments and reaches a broader customer group with its increasing numbers of products.

   QT Food starts its operations with boutique products (olives, olive oil) sales and fast moving consumer food industry retailing. QT Food realized its first brand “The PİDDE’S” in 2015, which is serving the traditional Turkish food pidde. It is aimed to integrate our traditional taste under The PİDDE’S brand around the world together with the most famous masters of pidde in Turkey.

   QT Food’s mission is to make “The PİDDES” as worldwide known with a top quality products and services also with an innovative approach. QT Food proceeds on its way to be a popular food chain in the international arena as the trademark and royalty holder of The PİDDE's.

   “Anatolian Natural” brand has been created for boutique products such as olive and olive oil. These boutique products with its special tastes will serve for the customers near future.