QT Holding is a well-established and a diversified business group, located in Istanbul. The holding was established in 2014 by Qatari investor Prof. Abdul Latif Al Meer, who has carried out a large number of projects all around the world particularly in Europe, USA and Middle East over 35 years. 

    Turkey became an attractive country for investors thanks to its unique location, strong economy, natural components and productive power. With its "Q" from Qatar and "T" from Turkey, QT Holding is taking power away from these two countries and aiming to gain strength with both. The Holding’s line of business is very diversified including: real estate, food, automotive, finance and logistics that governs its business growth strategy. These investments will consolidate the close relationship which is already sited between Qatar and Turkey.

    QT Holding aims to break grounds and to lead in the involved industries in Turkey and intend to deliver its international experience to Turkey in the areas of technology, production, investment and management. It applies its deep experience and specialized expertise across a range of investment strategies in related industries.

   QT Holding wants to be the pioneer for the future Turkey and uses its resources in this direction with the intent of creating value for Turkey and to steer the economy with its leading projects. QT Holding fullfills its liabilities to business partners, customers and employees according to universal principals and works to create value for all stakeholders.